Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance


Governance, Risk & Compliance

Standards, policies and technology to ensure total governance through your organisation's structure

Business sustainability, integrity and confidence can normally be measured by the degree to which an organisation is able to demonstrate sound governance. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) are related activities that demonstrate the business probity of an organisation. Governance is how the organisation is run and managed; risk is ensuring that threats to an organisation and its assets are mitigated; and compliance ensures standards adopted in the chosen industry are met. And of course, some industries are highly regulated and indeed an organisation cannot operate legitimately if they are not compliant with the regulations.

Confidence is required for growth and investment in an organisation and its brands, and Aim GRC specialists will put in place GRC measures and systems to ensure confidence in your organisation – corporate change and operational governance, risk management frameworks and compliance systems.

Our proprietary tool, dataBelt®, allows your organisation to achieve complete data governance.