Enterprise Level Electronic Document Management

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EDM with dataTrove®

Store, access, view, retrieve, extract and transfer electronic documents from one location to another in a safe and structured way. Store and manage current and archived documents including letters, files, emails and phone calls from case management systems such as Aim's dataChain® work management tool.

Why dataTrove®?


  • Transfer electronic documents from one location to another with full index and archive referencing
  • Extract and transfer personal documents safely and securely
  • Superior access/viewing capabilities
  • Access and retrieve files in a 'single source of truth' location
  • Full oversight of EDM metrics via sophisticated management reporting dashboard
  • Operate with full robotic automation or with manual intervention
  • Fully agnostic


dataTrove® is an EDM tool which is agnostic and can work with any IT system or process where EDM functionality is required.

Of particular use in the pensions and payment industries, and those where personal data held by organisations needs to be accessible in a ‘single source of truth’ location. dataTrove® is available as both on-premise and cloud.

dataTrove®'s data protection and GDPR compliance functionality ensures the safeguarding and accessibility of personal data.


DataTrove® has been designed to work as an integrated tool with dataChain®.

User-first design

dataTrove®'s user interface, navigation and processing have been designed as user-first, following Google Material Design standards to ensure the user journey is intuitive and process driven.

Reporting Dashboard

Fully equipped with dashboards and management information reports that can measure EDM metrics.

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