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dataEstate® regtech solutions

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Without access to accurate, portable data which can be referenced, processed, and transformed where necessary, an organisation can’t function to deliver its business or service its customers.

Aim has developed software tools to provide a new and innovative way for organisations to understand their data. This understanding, coupled with governance and automation of data, enables an organisation to be data-led and gain outstanding clarity about its operations and posture. Examples of use cases include record management, disclosure (eg data protection/GDPR, Freedom of Information), compliance, cyber security, data quality and cleansing, mergers and acquisitions, data valuation, data retention dates, counter fraud, forensic analysis, GRC (risk and audit), data lineage, data democratization and literacy, data brokerage, and data duplication/similarity.

Aim's dataEstate® software suite provides capability and services to support all these use cases, available on a single platform.

dataEstate® data solutions

Aim’s dataEstate® suite of regtech solutions is one of the most sophisticated and flexible suite tools of its type on the market.

Contact us to find out more, arrange a demonstration or enquire about a proof of concept of any of the tools. We are also happy to share case studies where these tools have been used to meet client challenges and the success stories.

dataBelt® Data Governance

dataTrove® Enterprise Level Electronic Document Management

dataChain® Collaborative Work Management

dataServe® Smart Platform Virtual Agent

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Data Governance

Our data governance platform, available on-premise or in the cloud, allows structured and unstructured data in any format (emails, databases, images, videos, audio files, office files) to be discovered from any asset, indexed and queried, giving outstanding insight as well as supporting predictive analysis.



Collaborative Work Management

A complete and integrated collaborative work management tool, providing end-to-end straight-through processing capability for organisations that need control and management information over all aspects of a case-management driven operational process.



Electronic Document Management

Providing Electronic Document Management (EDM), the process for transferring electronic documents from one location to another with full index and archive referencing, providing easy access/viewing capability.



Smart Platform Virtual Agent

Delivers an enhanced digital experience, and provides service resilience, built upon robust security, permissions and approval models.

The go-to platform for multi-channel access to services and resources on-line.


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