Process automation

Process automation

A finance and pensions BPO company with government contracts was looking to achieve productivity gains by automating its pensions payroll process and teams Aim was asked to help





This UK based organisation pays 1.5 million pensions a month to members from over 340 UK government employers. As part of an efficiency drive, the customer was looking at how software tools could automate manual processes leading to productivity improvements. In particular, how software tools could provide greater automation of data quality processes, ensuring that payroll data was accurate and scheme compliant, allowing it to be processed quickly and efficiently.

Meeting these objectives would also allow the teams to focus on the value adding activities rather than on manual methods which currently were labour intensive, consumed time and impacted customer service. 




Aim proposed its AI-powered data governance and automation platform dataBelt® to deliver the solution. Aim provided tool demonstrations and ran a proof of concept to test dataBelt® out against the customer’s key use cases. Aim configured and re-engineered three of the customer’s work flows through the implementation and replacement of manual processes with dataBelt®.

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After a successful proof of concept, the company selected AiM to deploy its dataBelt® solution. Once deployed, the key result was an immediate 40% improvement in efficiency and productivity of the team through the simplification of processes and automation. This led to a team saving of £350k a year as well as greater accuracy and reduced process risk.

In addition, the customer was able to offer a new data cleansing service to the employers it serviced – creating a valuable new revenue stream worth in excess of £1.0m in year 2. Employers were keen to ensure their data was compliant and clean as part of their drive to improve their own data risk.