Data governance re-imagined

Data governance re-imagined


        Use cases 

dataBelt® can address each and every data challenge in any organisation. Below are some of the data questions dataBelt® is answering.


GDPR and regulatory reviews

  • Data inventory/ data asset map
  • Undertake DSARs
  • Perform risk management & impact assessments
  • Manage data breaches
  • Identify suspicious behaviour
  • Remediate data


Data merging & migration

  • Merge any data from multiple sources
  • Migrate data from different organisations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions


Improved productivity

  • Reduce time / cost from processing innacurate, non-compliant data eg Payroll, HR, pensions, financial investments



  • Understand global data security status, prioritise actions according to data classification, location, etc


Data due diligence/audits

  • Check quality of data (DQ Index)
  • Ensure data compliance
  • Cybersecurity audits
  • Mergers & Acquisitions


Data matching, cleansing, remediation

  • Identify inaccurate/ non-compliant data
  • Match data
  • Remediate data
  • Regulatory compliance


Data forensics, counter fraud, litigation

  • Identify data locations
  • Search any data size, any data source
  • Detect likely fraudulent activity
  • Assist with litigation – e-Discovery 


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